Coast firefighters prepare for Hurricane Sally

Coast firefighters prepare for Hurricane Sally

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - First responders are always ready at a moment’s notice to help with emergencies. That alertness is amplified when a hurricane is approaching.

In Pass Christian, firefighters were making final preparations Monday ahead of Hurricane Sally. All of the fire department’s vehicles were cleaned and fueled, including the high-rise truck, which is able to drive through up to five feet of water.

That truck has been used in the past to save people who have driven onto flooded roadways. In fact, the truck was instrumental in rescuing 15 people during Tropical Storm Cristobal earlier this year.

For this storm, Pass Christian Fire Chief Dwight Gordon called in extra firefighters to wait out the storm and jump in and help where needed.

“Chief Gordon actually called another shift in so we have two shifts here. We’ve made sure all the vehicles are topped off with fuel, all of our saws and everything is sharpened and ready to go, all our generators," said Capt. Andy Purchner. "That’s about 12 of us here on standby. We do training throughout the year for these situations but we’re sitting here ready to go for anything that comes at us.”

The crews are imploring people to stay inside and stay safe, saying the last thing you want to do is risk you or your families health and lives.

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