Some stay, some go in Hancock County ahead of Hurricane Sally

Some stay, some go in Hancock County ahead of Hurricane Sally

KILN, Miss. (WLOX) - Hancock County’s mandatory evacuation went into effect early Monday for residents in low-lying areas. Some are heeding the warnings while others are staying behind and hunkering down.

Janet Ryan’s leaving her family’s fishing camp on the Jourdan River. She said she was planning on leaving Monday but for different reasons than Hurricane Sally.

“I was supposed to start chemo and radiation in Slidell. Kiln is closer to Slidell than my home in Harvey,” Ryan said. “First I’ll stop in Slidell and see if I’m getting my chemo and radiation, and if they do, I’ll get, and if not, I’ll be headed to Metairie. I packed up what I need for a couple of weeks because I don’t know how much water will be here.”

How much water will we get? That’s a question on everyone’s mind. That’s why some are leaving, while others are taking advantage of the Hancock County shelter on Highway 43.

Frankie Saucier knows the drill. He’s not worried about water, but he’s gassing up in case they lose power and have to kick his generators into gear.

“I’ve been through Camille, Katrina, Georges,” Saucier said. “I’m on high ground.”

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