South Mississippians load up on sandbags in response to Tropical Storm Sally

South Mississippians load up on sandbags in response to Tropical Storm Sally

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - People made their way to sandbag locations to prepare ahead of Tropical Storm Sally, and many said sandbags are great to help protect their property.

“It’s better safe than sorry.” said James Blackmon.

Blackmon doesn’t take storm prepping lightly and he prepared well in advance, because water can get pretty high in price in his neighborhood. He also said the sandbags help keep out large amounts of water that usually trail in through the back door of his home.

“I figured I’d gone and get started now 'cause watching the news last night and this morning- I figured I’d gone and come down here now before the kids wake up, for a lot of people get down here," said Blackmon. “Then I got to stop at the store and get water and stuff.”

The use of sandbags is a simple but effective way to prevent or help reduce flood water damage. With that in mind, some people use a minimum of 10 sandbags to protect their property.

But, 45-year Biloxi resident Michael Berl said he never got any sandbags until Sunday.

Berl also said his home doesn’t normally flood, but he preferred to be on the safe side if that ever changes. He planned to get 30 bags not only for his property, but also for his neighbors.

“Every time a storm whips up I say to myself, you know I should go down and get some sandbags," said Berl. "If I don’t need them for this storm I may need them a week from now.”

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