Saints preview Buccaneers, season goals

Saints preview opener against Tampa Bay

NEW ORLEANS, Lou. (WLOX) - The Saints open their season on Sunday against Tom Brady and Tampa Bay. New Orleans has won five of the last seven match-ups with the Buccaneers, and those two losses have each been by just one possession. But this, of course, is a completely new-look Tampa team, built to make a run at the franchise’s just second-ever conference championship. While Brady is certainly the headliner, his supporting cast is loaded at nearly every position. For Drew Brees and the Saints, they know there is very little margin for error.

“There’s a mindset that you have to be near perfect," Brees said. "Nobody is ever going to be perfect, but there’s such a great sense of urgency to maximize each and every opportunity, because that’s what he’s [Brady] going to be doing on the other side of the ball.”

“I just know I’m going to get open a lot this year," wide receiver Michael Thomas said. "When my number is called and the ball is thrown my way I’m going to do my best to my best my ability to catch it and make a play for the offense. It wasn’t something I expected to still be getting questioned about now, but I guess I do set goals, but the overall goal is to win a championship and help my team win as many games possible.”

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