Hancock County School District adjusting to Wednesday distance learning

Hancock County School District adjusting to Wednesday distance learning

HANCOCK COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - For now, Wednesdays are a little weird - and a lot empty - at Hancock County schools.

“It’s very different,” said Hancock North Central Elementary Principal Donna Breeland. “It’s a little sad because I’m used to having the children here and they are my first love. We are learning with the times and growing with the times. So, it’s an opportunity for us.”

The reality, administrators said, is that any student could become a distance learner at any time.

So, two weeks ago, the district decided all students would experience online classes once a week so a potential quarantine doesn’t push the panic button.

Kindergarten teacher Amber Cameron said the second week is going well.

“It was a little bit of an adjustment, I think, for the parents,” she said. “But, after last week, we kind of worked the kinks out. I sent out a very detailed descriptive letter - you know - click here, do this. I think once the adjustment was made, the parents accepted it well and they’ve done a great job.”

Third-grader Edynn Bryan is OK with distance learning, except for one problem.

“That you have to do it at home,” she said.

Online learning is not Trenton Stovall’s preference, but at least the sixth-grader at Hancock Middle School realizes the value.

“So, in case we do go back out of school, I’ll know how to do it,” he said.

Math teacher Trina Shaw is finding the new process still allows quality time with students even if they are not in the class.

“I still have that one-on-one. They are sending me emails,” she said. “I’m able to get back with them, teach them a lesson either one-on-one through Google Meet or just a few at a time. So, it’s really helped and made us slow down and know our students, maybe, a little better.”

The school district will reassess Wednesday as a distance learning day at the end of the semester.

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