Biloxi High resumes classes, extracurricular activities after COVID-19 outbreak

Biloxi High resumes classes, extracurricular activities after COVID-19 outbreak

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Biloxi High is trying to get back to some sense of normalcy after spending weeks away from campus and learning online.

Teachers and students returned to campus Tuesday after a COVID outbreak last month forced the school to switch to virtual learning.

The student body was glad to finally see people in person again.

“It was kind of awesome seeing all of my friends, seeing all of my favorite teachers. So I give it a thumbs up,” said senior Devon Whittle.

Now the focus is on making up for lost time and lost memories.

“Those two weeks away, I was sad because I was missing something. I’m here for the high school experience," said freshman Aliyah Carey.

Students may be back on campus, but safety restrictions are still in play, like social distancing and face mask requirements.

The school now has to re-learn how to adjust to in-person classes during the pandemic.

“It’s kind of hard to breathe, but everything is still the same. It’s pretty cool here,” Carey said.

With both students and teachers back on campus, the main goal is to make sure the school experience is as normal as possible, and that includes the atmosphere at football games.

The team, band, dancers and cheerleaders have just a handful of days together to get ready for Friday’s matchup against Vicksburg High School.

“We feel like we’re behind, but these kids are creative and they’re flexible. They’ll catch up and get everything done we need done," said band director Travis Coakley.

Students can’t wait to put in extra work, especially in front of their peers.

“People have a misconception that students don’t want to come to school. They actually love coming to school and having that structure,” Coakley said.

As programs prepare for the game, the two-fan-per player rule will keep students from filling the stands.

“So I guess it is what it is if I don’t get my ticket. I always have next week,” Whittle said.

As the student body adapts to the times, the key is staying positive. “We’re all cool, chilling, Love you Biloxi," Carey said.

Tickets for Friday’s game will first be sold to parents at the athletics office. Any leftover tickets will then be sold to fans on Thursday. No tickets will be sold at the stadium on the day of the game.

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