Saints enter first game-week of 2020 regular season

Saints gearing up for first game-week of season

NEW ORLEANS, Lou. (WLOX) - It is now officially game week for the Saints as they gear up to face Tampa Bay. Despite the lack of the support from the 74,000 screaming fans of the Superdome behind them, the Saints feel good about their progress throughout training camp leading up to the regular season. Even with an absence of preseason games, head coach Sean Payton said the usual measuring stick that exists in normal offseasons does not exist in 2020. So while he feels good about his team, he’s unsure about how they measure up to the rest of the league.

“You’re unaware of how the other 31 teams are doing,” Payton said. “I feel like we’ve gotten a lot accomplished. The last week and a half has been really good. Injury-wise, knock on wood, we’ve handled that really well. We’ve avoided some of the soft-tissue injuries that could come up in training camp. But its not that far away before we’ll really get an assessment of where our team is, and then we’ll go from there.”

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