Bay-Waveland students ready to return to school after delayed start

Bay-Waveland students ready to return to school after delayed start

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - The school bell finally rings for students in the Bay-Waveland School District Tuesday as school officials had put off the start of the school year due to COVID-19.

Back to school will mean fewer hours working at North Beach restaurant for rising senior Aidan McKeon, but months away from school as student body president, he’s already planning a great year.

“I definitely look forward to seeing my friends at school; it’s been a while. Definitely looking forward to the soccer season and also looking forward to various student council activities,” he said.

When students return they’ll be greeted with safety precautions, like wearing face masks and social distancing. Students said it will be different but to be able to walk this campus again, they will follow all rules in place.

“It’s just like everything else; we’re going to get in the swing of things. The year is going to go by smoothly and everyone is going to have fun,” McKeon said.

McKeon has the goal to make this school year memorable for himself and his friends while also keeping safety number one.

“As long as everybody is wearing their mask, keeping their hands clean, and social distancing I think we’ll be able to do these activities safely and still let everyone have fun.”

Throughout the halls and classrooms, other safety expectations will be posted as a reminder of the importance of a healthy school year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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