Fall sports resume with crowd limits in place

OLA and Hancock High girls' volleyball had their first games Tuesday night.

Fall sports resume with crowds limits in place

BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - High school sports have returned, albeit with crowd stipulations in place.

Dozens of fans made their way out to Bay St. Louis Tuesday evening to watch the start of the high school volleyball season. Our Lady Academy took on Hancock County.

While not everyone was able to attend, due to Gov. Reeves executive order limiting extracurricular attendance, many were just glad to hear the buzzer sound and for the season to begin.

“I am very grateful I can come out and they are starting to do high school athletics again,” said parent Finley Williford. “The masks are a burden, but it is a part of the dance. It is what I got to do. I have three kids playing high school sports and I love the fact that we are out here playing. We got hurricanes to deal with, we got COVID to deal with, but we are still going to play some high school sports.”

There was some frustration that not all could attend, but most understand the necessity to limit crowds.

“For families that have more than two or three siblings that can’t come because you can only have two people per player, that is kind of aggravating but you got to do what you got to do,” said parent David Alexander.

“I am glad at least a few of us can get in here,” said Williford. “Of course, with three kids, I have grandparents, uncles, cousins, but we just can’t let them all in, I guess, with the dance we have to do now with the COVID.”

Crowd limits are set to continue until August. Reeves is set to re-access the situation prior to the start of high school football in September.

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