Biloxi postal worker celebrates 35 years

Biloxi postal worker celebrates 35 years

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - A Biloxi postal worker is celebrating a major milestone.

For 35 years, Dean Ebberman, has worked hard making sure mail is delivered. After all that time, it would be fair to say Ebberman is a pro at what he does.

He never misses a beat even though all he hears is silence. That’s because Ebberman is deaf.

But, he refuses to let that hold him back.

“I can do this job. I can even though I’m deaf,” said Ebberman, with the help of an interpreter from De L’Epee Deaf Center.

And not only can he do it, he enjoys it. ”Oh my goodness I learned to just absolutely love this job,” said Ebberman.

Someone that knows Ebberman’s love for his job is Michael Wagner, Biloxi Postmater.

“You can’t find people like that, nowadays,” said Wagner. “That love their job, love to come to work. And just excels in everything he does.”

Ebberman has learned from his coworkers, and they also learned from him. He’s taught some of them sign language.

“I have taught them so we have some communication here. And I can understand what’s going on and they can understand me. I don’t like the note writing at all, sign language is not that difficult,” he said.

His strong work ethic, along with his bright personality will be missed when Ebberman retires soon.

“There’s nobody that can work close to what he does. He works circles around everybody. He so consistent in everything,” said Judy Sidaway.

His parents are proud.

“We’ve worked with him hard. Trying to let him realize it’s going to be a tough world out there. But both my sons were deaf and they both excelled,” said Roy Ebberman.

And though his time at the post office is coming to an end, he hopes his story continues to inspire others.

“Anybody can, people say oh, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t but you can. It doesn’t matter,” said Roy Ebberman.

Dean Ebberman says though he loves his job, he’s excited to retire. He says he looks forward to waking up late, traveling and spending time with his children.

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