Stone County Jail next South Mississippi facility to battle COVID-19

Stone County Correctional Facility hit by a COVID-19 outbreak

STONE COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Another county jail is battling the coronavirus. The Stone County Correctional Facility is just the latest in South Mississippi to be hit by a COVID-19 outbreak. Staff and inmates in Stone County have been infected by the coronavirus.

With that, increased measures are now in place to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread.

“We have ten officers that are out, that got tested. Nine have come back positive. We have two inmates that have tested positive,” said Lt. Noelle Reynolds of the Stone County Sheriff’s Department.

Unlike larger outbreaks at other South Mississippi correctional facilities, Reynolds said that confirmed coronavirus cases are still at manageable numbers in Stone County.

“We are pulling all of staff in, the lieutenants, the sergeants are coming in. We do have people working overtime to help with this, and we do have a private company coming in. They’re going to work side-by-side with our officers to do the daily tasks: feeding, counting, yard calls, all of that,” she said.

In addition to requiring that all guests wash their hands upon arrival and issuing masks to all inmates and officers, the jail officials have intensified cleanliness measures to help beat the virus.

“We do temperature checks every day. We are sanitizing their vehicles with a fogger. We’re sanitizing and fogging our facility daily, wiping down walls, spraying the hallways with the sanitation and all doors and handles, anything that’s frequently used by inmates and officers,” Reynolds told WLOX.

Officials with the Stone County jail said that the two inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 have been quarantined away from the rest of the general population.

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