Gulfport School District displays transparency to calm COVID concern

Gulfport School District displays transparency to calm COVID concern

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Many parents are concerned about the level of transparency in school districts around coronavirus cases. The process of managing quarantine protocol is left up to the districts, and each one is handling things a little differently.

WLOX has been flooded with concerned pleas for more details on how schools are handling COVID-19 in the classrooms. Gulfport Superintendent Glen East is aware of the confusion in the community and took us step by step through the process.

“Our safety officer gets a call from the building principal. The building principal, our safety officer, and the school nurse sits down and works with the adult or child that is involved and we go through the contact tracing. Where have you been? What are you doing? Were we wearing masks in our school district? Were we keeping social distancing? Were you wearing your mask? Were you keeping your social distancing? That team then comes together and says that is our contact trace,” explained East.

It is the next part of the process that East believes sets Gulfport apart.

“After that tracing, then we are personally calling those parents. No email. This is a contact of a parent, to talk on the phone to answer questions that deal with that student,” he said.

East stressed that a personal conversation is important because an email doesn’t answer a concerned parent’s questions, of which there are many.

Rumors have been swirling online for days. The rumors and misinformation are something Gulfport is trying to combat with utter transparency.

“That is the hardest part, and so everyone of our principals is available. So if you don’t know the answer, call, talk to them,” he said. “I have received very few phone calls over the last two days. Quite frankly, I have received four. All of them, they had the conversation, we explained the contact tracing, and I think the parents are good.”

Currently, 100 Gulfport High Students are quarantining at home as they await test results after possible exposure

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