Don’t abandon your pet, let the Humane Society help you keep it

Don’t abandon your pet, let the Humane Society can help you keep it

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Pet owners in South Mississippi hit by the pandemic don’t have to choose between feeding their family and feeding their pets.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi can help you keep your pet in tough times.

They have seen a dramatic increase in abandoned pets since the pandemic began. There have been 77 since March.

“This is strictly the number of pets that have been left in our fences, tied to trees, left in boxes at the doorways,” said Katie King, HSSM development director. “When we arrive at the shelter in the mornings, there they are.

“Sometimes they have notes with them that just show that people are truly struggling during these times financially and they are coming to us as a last resort,” she said.

The HSSM Pet Resources department is there to help.

“We strive to do everything in our power to keep pets and families together,” King said.

“Whether it be that they need assistance with a pet deposit or a fence or pet food, or spay-neuter surgery, or if they need assistance on vaccinations or microchip or basic wellness exams. We have all kinds of different programs in place that we can assist these people in order to keep the pets in their homes rather then them having to be dropped off at the shelter or surrendered.”

HSSM posted photos of three recently abandoned dogs on their Facebook page on Wednesday. One was Shadow who was found tied to a tree outside the HSSM building.

Jennie Mozader of Saucier said she lost a dog named Shadow about five years ago. When she saw the post it was a done deal.

“As soon as I seen her picture and read her profile, I knew she had to come home with us,” she said Thursday as she filled out the adoption paperwork.

“Seeing a senior dog dropped off because of whatever reason. they deserve a loving home and I decided she had to come home.”

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