‘We hope to never use it’: Biloxi High develops data program to track COVID-19 cases

Biloxi High develops data program to track COVID-19 cases

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Keeping track of COVID-19 cases is something Biloxi High School administrators hope they won’t have to do this year. But they say if it happens, they have an electronic way to make sure a few cases don’t lead to an outbreak.

“We’re working on one school data program when they realized they could get ahead of the curve when it comes to tracking potential COVID-19 cases at Biloxi High School,” said Misty Lusk, the high school’s pupil accounting manager.

“We were in the process of trying to make a way for the students to be able to check into the nurses office in a non-contact way,” said Assistant Principal Dustin Merit. “While in that process, Misty came up with the idea of we can make it to where we could track them if they were to come up with a positive case.”

That tracking is done through Google Sheets. That way school nurses have a quick and easy way to log any cases into the system.

“All they do is simply type the student’s name in, and it pulls up their records,” explained Merit. “It pulls up their schedules without them having to look it up themselves because they’re going to be really busy at that point. On the output page, we see every classroom that student’s been in, and it’s color coded for quick viewing.”

And quick action is then possible if cases do show up at the school.

“If we have three cases within a 14 day period, we have to look at quarantining those students for 14 days,” said Merit. “If we have three classrooms or groups within 14 days, we have to look at the possibility of closing the school.”

Administrators are also considering implementing the same program at Biloxi Junior High.

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