Coast Boy Scouts a step closer to becoming Eagle Scouts

Coast Boy Scouts a step closer to becoming Eagle Scouts

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Saturday, one local Boy Scout Troop braved the heat to hike 20 miles from Long Beach to Biloxi. The trek brought the scouts closer toward achieving their goal of becoming Eagle Scouts.

“We’re completing a hiking requirement that we need for our hiking merit badge. It’s an Eagle Scout required merit badge,” said scout Justin Elliott.

To some, walking 20 miles may seem like quite the journey, but to these boy scouts, this is nothing. This is actually one of their shorter hikes.

“They’ve done numerous trails with heavy loads. They’ve hiked across the Continental Divide that has a 41-mile hike earlier this summer. In 2019, last year, they hiked 50 miles on the Appalachian Trail, so they’ve done some pretty significant hikes before,” said Scoutmaster Thomas Carroll.

So for these boys, you could say 20 miles is a walk in the park.

“I just think it’s fun. It’s fun to be able to come out here with my buddies and just walk. It’s fun,” said Camden Torgesen.

“It’s been hot. It’s just been entertaining. It’s been fun, we do things like this all the time, and we all enjoy it,” Elliott said.

Though it’s enjoyable, the hike also teaches several lessons.

“This is part of teaching them and instilling in them good habits for remaining physically strong. Just keeping their health up. So that’s a big portion of the day. It also teaches conservation, it teaches about the environment, just getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and the blue sky.”

At the end of their hike, the scouts enjoyed pizza at Sal and Mookie's to celebrate.

They then joined a birthday party for a police officer to sing Happy Birthday.

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