Tips to maintain mental health while working from home

Mental health check for those working from home

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - As some continue to work from home during the pandemic, many are reporting increased levels of burnout and stress.

During the pandemic, many people are working from home, which has its pros and cons. However, when do you mentally draw the line between work and home?

Social worker Jocelyn Gavin-Lane said even though someone is working from home, it’s important to create a routine to separate the two.

“I would not suggest you rolling over in bed with your laptop and logging on while you’re lying in the bed. You definitely want to make sure you’re scheduling your workday. That you’re getting up in enough time to get your coffee, wash your face, shower and do all the things you would normally do on a workday,” she said.

That includes getting dressed for work, getting you into the work frame of mind.

With significant changes to daily lives, Gavin-Lane has noticed some common issues with patients during the pandemic, such as anxiety.

“And some depression. We have people who are very social, like social butterflies. So for them, it’s been very hard to cope with having to be at home alone all day, working from home then not being able to visit with friends,” she said.

Working from home with small children can be a distraction, and Gavin-Lane encourages parents to set boundaries.

“They’re going through this process just like we are. So doing the best that we can as far as setting the ground rule around our workspace. This is mommy’s workspace, mommy has to work at this time and maybe I’m going to put on some type of educational video for you,” Gavin-Lane said.

Balancing work during the pandemic can be tough, but it’s important you don’t forget the importance of your mental health.

“Every year you get a physical checkup, you should go every year to talk to somebody. I think it’s important to have that mental health checkup every year or twice a year,” she said.

Gavin-Lane also mentions not to overwork yourself at home and to take a normal lunch break.

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