D-D Breaux retires after 43 years at LSU

D-D Breaux retires after 43 years at LSU

BATON ROUGE, Lou. (WLOX) - There's a quote saying, "You don't need to be legendary all the time. You can just be legendary for ten minutes a day."

Every minute of D-D Breaux’s tenure at LSU was legendary, molding Tiger gymnastics into a national powerhouse while simultaneously making herself an icon in college sports.

But every legend knows when it’s time to stop living at work and to start working at living, and Tuesday was that day for Breaux.

After 43 seasons as the face of LSU gymnastics, D-D Breaux is calling it a career. The woman they call the “Dean of Coaches” in Baton Rouge, walks away as the longest tenured coach of any sport in the Southeastern Conference’s history.

“Why is this good for D-D Breaux? Because she wants to fish on Tuesdays,” Breaux said. “And I want to enjoy my grandkids. I’ve always wanted to retire healthy and happy. I just feel like now is the time. I don’t want to fight that COVID battle. I’m 67, I feel like I’m 35, I don’t want to fight that battle. I want to be able to control my environment, where I am, and what I do.”

Breaux will now pass the torch to Jay Clark, who has been with the staff the last eight seasons and was named co-head coach in 2018. LSU are the three-time defending SEC champions heading into 2021.

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