Saints adapt “bubble-like” environment for training camp

Saints attempting their own semi-bubble to cope with COVID-19

NEW ORLEANS, Lou. (WLOX) - Pro sports have found success in the “bubble” life and if it’s good enough for the NBA, NHL and MLS, the Saints figured they’d give it a try.

The Black and Gold are creating a "semi-bubble" environment in downtown New Orleans, according to NFL writer Peter King.

The team has rented out four floors of the Loews Hotel where, starting Wednesday, most of the players, coaches, and essential personnel for the span of training camp. It’s not mandatory for players, but highly encouraged as New Orleans pulls out all of the stops to protect themselves from the virus.

“You can put up all the shields you want in the lockers. You can move the chairs six feet apart. We can walk around and when we go to eat, stay in our six-feet lines,” head coach Sean Payton said. “But for two hours, two-and-a-half hours every day, we’re playing tackle football. And so, that’s the challenge we have this year.”

“Nobody has the answers. Nobody knows exactly how this is going to play out,” quarterback Drew Brees said. “I think if you just think realistically, we’ve got, each team has about what 180 people. Listen, there’s a good chance that every team is going to have some cases.”

Coach Payton told King that’s it’s not a bubble, but a “sequester.” The Saints have also reported zero positive tests after a week of testing and the roster has been cut down to 80 players.

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