Hundreds of proposed state flag designs released to public

Hundreds of proposed state flag designs released to public
Some of the submitted state flag designs. (Source: Miss. Department of Archives and History)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - More than 1,800 designs were submitted for a new Mississippi state flag.

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History released the designs Monday.

Robin Martea created a non-traditional design. She used the state bird, a mockingbird.

One of the requirements by the flag commission is that the design must be simple enough that a child could draw it from memory.

Martea’s flag is missing the words “In God We Trust”--another requirement. She says she knows her design won’t qualify for that reason, but she hopes the commission chooses a design that represents everyone and is inviting.

“From the outside looking in, we have such a dark depiction of the original flag, and I want people to feel welcome, like they want to come and visit,” she said.

The deadline to submit a design was August 1. The commission will now narrow down the designs by the end of the week and the public will get to see their choices.

Voters will approve the design in November.

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