Free daycare services now available to more essential workers

Free daycare services now available to more essential workers

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - Did you know that free daycare services could be available to you?

On Aug. 1, the State of Mississippi expanded its list of essential workers to include several other professions, meaning more people now qualify for help through the Child Care Assistance in Response Plan. News of the CC AIR program first came out in April.

For the last three months, The Mustard Seed Director Nancy Koon has enjoyed being able to offer free daycare to qualified working parents.

“They’ve got money through the CARES Act from the federal government and they put it into the already existing child certificate program,” said Koon. “We were a center that chose to do it because we already had 15 parents here that were either nurses, police officers, nurses, or firefighters.”

Marie Breeland's taking advantage of the program.

“I had no idea about it,” said Breeland. “So that was one of the best pieces of news we got, because we were not working as much, but were required to work.”

Now, even more professions are on the list, including daycare workers like Brandy Ring. Her daughter is at The Mustard Seed.

"It's definitely helpful to have that available to us now, especially since we've been here the whole time," Ring said.

To see if your job qualifies and your daycare center is enrolled in the essential workers program, log onto

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