Saints maintain ‘championship mentality’ through wild offseason

Saints maintaining championship mindset

NEW ORLEANS, Lou. (WLOX) - As the NFL season inches closer, players and coaches around the league are being forced to adjust to a new normal both on and off the field. From a football perspective, preparing for the 2020 season will certainly be different, and in many ways more difficult, than years past.

But the New Orleans Saints feel confident. With preliminary COVID-19 testing in the rear view mirror with no positive tests reported as of Sunday, the black and gold are gearing up for a training camp that will prove most pivotal with no pre-season games on the schedule.

When Drew Brees announced he would come back for this year back in February, he said, “Let’s make another run at it.” And according to the 41-year-old signal caller, chasing a championship is something that’s ingrained in both him, and the organization as a whole.

“That mindset of chasing the championship is the exact same mindset that we’ve had certainly for the last three years.,” Brees said. “That’s just the level of expectation that we have with this organization. And that starts from the top down, that’s what we’ve built, and that’s why there’s such a great sense of urgency every day in our work ethic and our approach. So nothing’s changed there and it’s not added pressure because that’s just who we are.”

One hour each in the weight room and on-field conditioning begins this week for the NFL.

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