Pascagoula rising country singer ‘Hollywood’ makes it to CMT

Pascagoula rising country singer ‘Hollywood’ makes it to CMT

PASCAGOULA Miss. (WLOX) - Pascagoula native Edward Burkes, also know as Hollywood, is a rising country music star. With his first hit single “Worried” making it to CMT, Hollywood describes country music as an open lane.

“That’s why I want to set this trend to let all the younger generation, coming up of artist, to let them know, hey, you can go either lane. Whatever fills your heart, country is another open lane to let you get out there and tell your story,” Hollywood said.

Hollywood said his interest in music truly sparked at Union Baptist, his home church in Pascagoula.

“I started singing in church. Pastor Larry G. Hopkins, great guy. It went from there to school choirs, from there to college. I was a music major in college,” he said.

Music has always been a part of him. Hollywood expressed the love he has for all genres of music, but when he finally recorded “Worried” he said it was refreshing and he just fell in love with country music.

“My family is from the country. Mississippi is country, so, you know, it just brought me back to my roots,” he said.

Hollywood hopes to motivate and set the trend that Black Americans can aspire to be successful in country music.

“I feel in this lane, as long as you got good music, no matter what genre or what color you are if you’re making good music, they’re going to notice,” he said.

Hollywood was previously under Mississippi Sounds and did a lot traveling. Now he’s traveling much more to places like California, Texas, Georgia and Florida where he’s now apart of Breeze Money Team Music. Hollywood looks forward to returning home to do shows at casinos or wherever he’s welcomed.

“Pascagoula, Moss Point, that’s where it all started from, so I’m definitely looking forward to giving back to my community and being an outstanding role model for the younger generation to come,” he said.

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