Derick Hall staying ready for 2020 season

Derick Hall remaining ready for 2020 season

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - We’re still nearly two months away from the SEC season on September 26, but summer workouts and preparation for the season are well underway.

While conversations are ongoing regarding fall camp, practices and even games, players and coaches are trying to figure out how to safely get ready for the season in the best way possible. Former Gulfport Admiral and current Auburn Tiger Derick Hall said he and his teammates feel good about where they stand right now, and are confident they’ll be ready when it’s time to play ball.

“I think everything will still be as scheduled for OTAs and things like that. Whenever they give us the go for fall camp, we’ll start,” Hall said. “Coach Malzahn is going at his own pace, trying to keep everyone safe, making sure everyone feels comfortable, and have a good mental mindset before we jump into fall camp and get going. Guys are stepping up to the plate, we’re ready to go and ready to play. Everybody is being positive. It doesn’t matter where - we could play in the field or we could play in a parking lot - I know we’re going to be ready to go and we’re excited they’re giving us a chance to play ball.”

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