Gulfport church hosts food, school supply giveaway

Gulfport church hosts food, school supply giveaway

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - A Gulfport church is giving back to the community by helping those in need.

As often as possible, Fresh Oil Ministries in Gulfport hosts food giveaways to connect with the community. On Thursday, they also handed out free school supplies.

“Church is more than inside the building. It’s more that we have to come out the four walls to help meet the needs of the people because we are to serve the community,” said the church’s pastor Tabatha Ware.

Ware has been organizing this food giveaway for more than six years, and she said over the last few months during the pandemic, there have been more people coming out. She said with more people out of work and unemployment benefits expiring, the food giveaway has become especially important.

“They’ve lost their jobs, or they don’t know where their next resource is going to come from,” she said.

She said demand has doubled, and the church serves around a thousand people a month. The giveaways are proving to be helpful.

“By them helping me out is helping me to do other things, like pay my light bill, and it helps me pay my rent,” said Tammy Green, who regularly attends the food giveaways.

Ware said it’s not just about the food and school supplies that they hand out. The giveaways are also a chance to encourage others during troubling times.

“People are having mind battles and things like that about the corona and what’s going on. Don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, but having that moment of joy, that moment of peace and a place that somebody cares makes a difference,” she said.

The church plans to host another food giveaway next Thursday. For more information, visit the church’s Facebook page or Ware’s Facebook page.

The church is located at 15380 6th Street in Gulfport.

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