Strange seeds from China arriving at homes in Mississippi

Strange seeds from China arriving at homes in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Something strange is showing up on doorsteps across the state and agriculture officials want to get to the bottom of it.

Packages marked as jewelry from China are being delivered to residents, but inside is just a package of seeds.

seeds in mail
seeds in mail (Source: none)

State officials say residents in 15 counties have reported getting the strange packages containing seeds in the mail. They also say the seeds could be a threat to our state agriculture industry.

State Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gipson said, “One of these seeds containing a fungus could decimate our sweet potato crop. We don’t want it going in the ground.”

So why is it happening?

State officials say it’s a ploy by overseas e-commerce companies, trying to boost sales.

Gipson says the companies ship the packages for free then go and write a favorable review of their own product, using the name of the person they shipped the package to.

Some of the packages are marked ring, or necklace on the front.

A Simpson County woman tells 3 on your side she got not one, but two seed packages in the mail, several weeks apart.

Some of the seeds have been tested and were from watermelons, gourds and Cogan grass a common weed in our state.

If you receive the seeds, officials at the Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industry will come and collect them from you. They can be contacted at 662-325-3390.

They also ask that you do not throw the packages away, and keep the packaging for their investigation.

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