Gov. Tate Reeves, Dr. Thomas Dobbs offer thoughts on potential college football season

Gov. Tate Reeves, Dr. Thomas Dobbs share thoughts on potential of college football

JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) - Governor Tate Reeves and Dr. Thomas Dobbs were asked their thoughts and perspectives on the status of college athletics and focused on college football. Governor Reeves said conversations between him and university leaders have been frequent, especially in the last ten days, and while he said an announcement would not be made at this time, he did say that not every seat would be filled if there is a season.

“The university leaders that I have spoken with are very committed to finding a way to have college football,” Gov. Reeves said in his press conference Monday. “I think we will have college football, it may be a delayed start, but it is not going to be with one hundred percent capacity. The question is, will it be ten percent, twenty percent, or thirty-five percent? Those are the conversations that are being had now.”

“We could have come through this very nicely if we had strictly followed the rules and been very thoughtful about wearing our masks and not socializing back in the end of May,” Dr. Dobbs said. “If y’all want football, if you want to be able to do the things we normally like to do, don’t do the things that spread COVID. It’s plain and simple. Every time we spread coronavirus around, it becomes much less likely that we’re able to do the things in life that we enjoy.”

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