Ocean Springs YMCA members mask up and work out

Ocean Springs YMCA members mask up and work out

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Those new rules and mandates sent down by Governor Tate Reeves took effect Monday in 13 counties, including Harrison and Jackson, where businesses are working to keep people safe and adhere to the rules, but also to stay open.

Clients at the Ocean Springs YMCA are used to the temperature check at the door, but now all signs point to increased awareness about COVID-19 guidelines thanks to the last mask mandate.

“What we’ve heard our members say is, ‘Please don’t close down, we’ll do whatever we need to do,‘ and so what we’re asking folks to do is when you come in, come in with your mask on,” said Rob Kirkland, Miss. Gulf Coast YMCA CEO.

And, keep it on as clients walk in open areas from room to room and on the walking track.

"When you get to your spot, you can remove your mask, do your workout. When you get ready to leave, you put your mask back on, and exit the facility or head to your next location, but we are asking folks to wear them as they move around the building," Kirkland said.

While overall numbers of clients coming in might be down, the ones working out at the Ocean Springs YMCA are happy to trade wearing a mask for less time in the heat.

"We've also heard from people saying it's terribly hot outside and we can't exercise outdoors and we really need this place to get our workouts in, so we're very cautious of that and we want to make sure we're right as we do this," he said.

Children four years and older at the YMCA preschool are also required to wear masks as are attendees at the YMCA summer camps.

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