The MAC Series: Webster vs. Clarkson for the WBL World Cruiserweight Championship

The MAC Series: Webster vs. Clarkson for the WBL World Cruiserweight Championship

BILOXI, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE) - Bigger Than Life Entertainment, Inc. is putting on the ultimate championship fight of the year: Making A Champion: Webster vs. Clarkson. This monumental fight, part of the Making A Champion Boxing Series, will take place on CBS Sports Network at 8pm EST. The unforgettable event will take place in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center on Saturday, July 11, 2020. The event is sponsored by Joe Louis Bourbon and Advanced Medical Screening, Inc. (

This adrenaline-packed fight will be like none other, with undefeated champions from across the globe. Details of the fight include: For the Main Event, WBL, World Cruiserweight Championship, Deshon Webster (12-3-2, 6 KOs, Kansas City, KS) will take on Samuel Clarkson (22-6, 15 KOs, Cedar Hill, TX). Also included in the evenings action-packed entertainment: 6 rounds of Middleweights – Lorenzo Simpson (7-0, 4 KOs, from Baltimore, MD) vs. Alex Sandro Duarte (16-9-1, 13 KOs, from Guaruia, Sao Paulo, BRA); 10 rounds of Middleweights- Denis Douglin (22-7, 14 KOs, from Las Vegas, NV) vs. Christopher Brooker (14-7, 5 KOs, from Philadelphia, PA); 8 rounds of Featherweights- Ryan Lee Allen (10-4-1, 5 KOs, from Las Vegas, NV) vs. Juan Centeno; 8 rounds of Super Featherweights- Xavier Wilson (11-1-1, 1 KO, from San Antonio, TX) vs. TBA; and 4 rounds of Super Featherweights- James Earle (4-0, 3 KOs, San Diego, CA) vs. TBA.

This extraordinary championship fight will not only be a night to remember for its world-class boxing, it will also be a chance for the boxing community to give back. Making A Champion will be dedicated to helping the Black Lives Matter Foundation, which aims to build power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to black people across the globe. There will be a Memorial Bell Ten Count at the beginning of the fight. A Memorial Bell Ten Count is the ringing of a bell ten times, prior to the start of a fight in boxing, in honor of a recently deceased fighter. The Memorial Bell Ten Count at this Making A Champion event will be dedicated to all of the black men and women who have fallen at the hands of the police. It will be a chance for the boxing community to join in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to bring justice for all!

E Jay Mathews, founder of Bigger Than Life Entertainment, Inc., felt it was his duty to give back to the community and to Black Lives Matter. According to Mathews, “This is a time where the American people from all walks of life are taking to the streets to be heard. On July 11, we will do our part by giving money to the Black Lives Matter Foundation. We are proud to do our part in the campaign against violence and systemic racism towards black people.”


Aaron Coley (158.6 lbs) vs Vladimir Hernandez (167 lbs/overweight at weigh-in) - Middleweight

Jeremy Hill ((135 lbs)   vs Xavier Wilson (135 lbs) - Super featherweight

Alex Sandro Duarte (155 lbs)  vs  Lorenzo Simpson (158 lbs) - Super welterweight

Ryan Lee Allen (124 lbs)  vs Michael Gaxiola (128 lbs) - Featherweight

Darren Cunningham (124 lbs) vs Mike Fowler (126 lbs) - Featherweight

TayShawn Autry (133 lbs)   vs Joshua Boudreaux (133 lbs)    - Super featherweight

Deshon Webster (196.6 lbs) vs Samuel Clarkson (201 lbs) - Cruiserweight

Press release written by: Gayle L. Denney, Writing & Editing Services