Making A Champion: World Championship Boxing coming to the MS Coast Coliseum

The MAC Series: World Championship Boxing coming to the MS Coast Coliseum

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - World Championship Boxing is back and will be on display at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Saturday, July 11th at 7:30 p.m. CST. Bigger Than Life Entertainment made the trek down to the Magnolia State from Las Vegas, NV to host the the first live sporting event in South Mississippi since the coronavirus pandemic canceled sports.

“We live in Las Vegas, in the boxing capital of the world, but we came all the way here to try to help these people get some type of normalcy back together,” said E. Jay Mathews, CEO and founder of Bigger Than Life Entertainment.

“You have a cruiserweight title fight for the WBL and you have a middleweight title fight for the WBA. Both of these belts are vacant, so this weekend we’re making two world champions on this stage in this building.”

The event is part of the MAC Series, aka Making A Champion. It’s what B.T.L.E. is all about, turning no-name boxers into household names.

“If you didn’t make to the Olympics and you don’t have a huge amateur background, you don’t get the opportunities from these other big three companies that’s out here,” Mathews told WLOX. “Bigger Than Life Entertainment, that’s what we want. We want that guy doesn’t have the chance but has the talent.”

The Coast Coliseum are making sure to follow COVID-19 protocols, blocking off rows of seats for social distancing and are allowing less than a thousand people to attend. Mathews and his team made sure the same was done on their end.

“They were tested twice a week for the last month and a half. When they arrive off the plane because it’s the first time out of a quarantine that they will be traveling,” Mathews said. “So when they travel here, the building are doing scanning at the weigh-in and then before they come through the doors, the fans have to be tested as well.”

With the cancellation of sports and social unrest around the country, Mathews and his team hope be a ray of light for the community.

“Mississippi has been getting a bad rap for a very long time,” Mathews told WLOX. “With the state flag coming down a week ago, being a black-owned company, we decided to come here, be in Mississippi, and show unification between African Americans and everyone else. Hopefully we can come down here and do something real positive. We’re going to be the first live event inside the coliseum.”

The stage is set, you just have to be there! The main event between Deshon Webster and Samuel Clarkson for the WBL World Cruiserweight title will be broadcasted live on the CBS Sports Network at 9 p.m. CST.

Again, fewer than a thousand people can be in attendance and the Coast Coliseum are giving out tickets to first responders. Tickets are selling between 20 and 50 dollars, so you may want to get yours before it’s too late.

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