Black Out Day 2020 calling for economic protest recognized by Coast residents

A worldwide protest on Tuesday lacked marches, chants and signs; rather, it shed light on the economic power of purchasing within only Black communities.

Black Out Day 2020 calling for economic protest recognized by Coast residents

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - On Tuesday, many people came together in Black communities to participate in Black Out Day 2020. This day is a response to the oppression and racial injustice across the county, and ultimately acts as an economic protest.

The movement started in Texas by activist Calvin Martyr, and it urges Blacks to spend their dollars with black-owned businesses or not at all.

“If they can’t understand us protesting and if they can’t see why we’re really protesting, the only other way to hurt them is in their pockets,” said Barber owner, Justin Johnson.

Many like Shamekia Moore, a beauty store owner, said this will show the spending power in Black communities.

“I tell the customers all the time that we didn’t just put this store here for us. I didn’t just put it here for profit for me and my family. I put it here for all of us, so we can all benefit from it,” said Moore.

In an effort to end inequality and close the racial wealth gap, Kashay Newton believes it all starts with educating yourself and others.

“It’s going to start with knowledge, not just us letting our friends know but also educating our children that this just won’t stop with us. We can carry it on to generations that come behind us so that our community will thrive no matter what,” said Newton.

A worldwide protest is taking place, but on the business side. #BLACKOUTDAY2020 is an economic protest urging Blacks to...

Posted by Brandy McGill TV on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Just like activist Calvin Martyr, others around the world agree if people in Black communities continue to stand together, their voices will be heard.

“Go to a Black establishment and support it every day, every week, and having more forms like this. Having more community meetings and the economic impact that it will have,” said Micheal Lewis.

Many hope unity will continue, but for now, they’re taking it one day at a time.

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