Operations at driver’s license stations delayed due to statewide server crash

Driver's license stations across the state reopened last month with guidelines in place for social distancing, resulting in massive crowds. Monday, the wait was even longer due to a few technical difficulties.

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Outside driver’s license stations, long lines are no surprise. But computer servers crashing statewide—resulting in an even longer wait— left many upset Monday morning.

“About an hour and a half stretch, we didn’t move. It was hot. The sun was out. Then, it started raining. We were coming to a decision point whether we should leave,” expressed Lawrence Armstong.

The issue didn’t originate on the Coast, but they did delay operations for about 45 minutes.

Teresa Andrews believes more communication from the staff could possibly help minimize frustration.

“They don’t tell you. They say a computer glitch, but I been here since before eight and it is now 12 o’clock—they don’t come out. They don’t inform you. It’s hot, there’s no water available,” said Andrews.

“In any business, if the computers go down, those businesses are going to be unable to operate. So when it goes down on their end, it makes it impossible to conduct our transaction,” said Commissioner of Mississippi Department of Public Safety, Shean Tindell.

Tindell said improvements are in the works to reduce the long waits for the number of people who need in-person service and to make social distancing easier.

“The legislators have just passed a bill to allow for CDLs to be renewed online. So coming in September, anybody looking to get a driver’s license or renewal or learners permit, they’ll be able to go on our online portal and make a reservation at a specific time,” said Commissioner Tindell.

Tindell encourages people to arrive later in the afternoon to avoid the long wait, while many people believe other locations should reopen.

“You wouldn’t have this line that you’ve got here. It would make the social distancing a lot better, they’re way too close for what they want. It’s just no way,” said Wayne Griffin.

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