Lawmakers from South Mississippi test positive for COVID-19

Gov. Reeves tweeted Tuesday that he and his family are negative for the virus.

Lawmakers from South Mississippi test positive for COVID-19
Rep. Manly Burton, pictured far right last Monday without a mask on, told WLOX News on Monday that he is one of the state representatives who tested positive for COVID-19. (Source: Barbara Gauntt/ Clarion Ledger)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLOX) - At least two state representatives from South Mississippi have tested positive for coronavirus.

Among those who were concerned they may also have the virus were Gov. Reeves. However, the governor tweeted Tuesday morning that tests for him and his family came back negative for COVID-19.

Reeves chose to get tested after having limited contact with some state legislators who tested positive for COVID-19 in recent days.

Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann told the Senate on Tuesday that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He said he would be following recommended guidelines to quarantine and work from home.

Lt. Gov. Hosemann talked with WLBT's Howard Ballou.
Lt. Gov. Hosemann talked with WLBT's Howard Ballou.

Included among the Coast representatives who have tested positive so far are Rep. Manly Barton of Jackson/George County and Rep. Greg Haney of Gulfport.

Haney, 60, confirmed Tuesday morning that he tested positive for the virus and does not have any symptoms.

Rep. Greg Haney of Gulfport
Rep. Greg Haney of Gulfport (Source: State of Mississippi)

Barton, who is 71 years old, confirmed that he tested positive on Monday, noting that he has been coughing a lot.

Rep. Manly Barton tests positive for COVID-19
Rep. Manly Barton tests positive for COVID-19 (Source: Rep. Manly Barton)

Speaker of the House Philip Gunn also said he has coronavirus, as well, but doesn’t have any symptoms.

Among other House members on the Coast, some received negative test results while others have test results still pending. Additionally, WLOX News is still waiting to hear back from other members. Here is what we do know:

House members who received negative tests:

  • Brent Anderson (District 122)
  • Jeramey Anderson (District 110)
  • Charles Busby (District 111)
  • Kevin Felsher (District 117)
  • Sonya Williams Barnes (District 119)
    • Barnes was tested last week, and results are pending for an additional COVID test.

Waiting for test results:

  • Greg Haney (District 118)
    • Haney was tested on July 6.
  • Sonya Williams Barnes (District 119)
    • Barned was tested again on July 6 to be safe.
  • Tim Ladner (District 93)

Positive test:

  • Manly Barton (District 109)

Status unknown:

  • Richard Bennett (District 120)
  • Carolyn Crawford (District 121)
  • Casey Eure (District 116)
  • Jeff Guice (District 114)
  • Doug McLeod (District 107)
  • Randall Patterson (District 115)
  • John Read (District 112)
  • Hank Zuber III (District 113)

This article will be updated in accordance with the pending results and details provided by state legislatures.

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