‘Mask wearing is more important now’: Singing River Health System seeing spike in COVID-19 cases

Singing River Health System seeing spike in COVID-19 cases

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Since June 22, Singing River Health System is averaging eleven positive COVID tests per day, with a record 34 positive cases on Saturday. Now C.E.O. Lee Bond is speaking out, urging people to renew their focus on stopping the spread.

“Our current recommendation is if someone has the most minor of systems that they go get tested,” said Bond. “What we’re seeing is that people that do have symptoms— albeit minor—trying to fight through those and dismissing it as sinus issues when the reality is, oftentimes, it is COVID.”

Bond wants people to know how much wearing a mask can help.

“Mask wearing is more important now due to the increased spread,” said Bond. “There’s a lot of debate about it, but the fact is that if a person has symptoms and they are coughing and they wear a mask, it helps them prevent spreading it to other people.”

Performing nearly 1,200 tests over the last seven days, Bond says more young people are testing positive and spreading COVID-19 to others.

“A huge percentage of people who have it are under 40, and that’s a sign of opening up,” said Bond. “It is slightly a function of more people being tested, but the concern is while it does not have as big of an impact of someone under 40 with no comorbidities, the issue is who they might infect.”

Bond believes isolation will help slow the curve here on the coast.

“What would be even more effective than masks is that if people that had even the smallest of symptoms would isolate. It would be infinitely more effective than just the mask-wearing,” said Bond. “We see people that have symptoms that aren’t wearing a mask that are around other people.”

Bond also says Singing River Health System is seeing a trend in recent COVID-19 positive cases between social circles and families.

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