Miss. House, Senate vote to clear path for changing state flag: What’s next?

What’s next after historic vote to clear path for changing Miss. state flag

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The suspension of the rules is just the first step to changing the state flag.

The vote now moves toward actually removing the flag, which must also be passed by both the Mississippi House and Senate.

Mississippi lawmakers could be a part of history Sunday.

With the legislative rules now suspended, lawmakers will now consider a bill that would permanently change the flag that currently bears the Confederate battle emblem.

Mississippi District 71 Representative Ronnie Crudup, Jr. points out the bill has to be approved by the House and Senate members in a simple majority vote.

“It will be introduced in the House first, I believe tomorrow. From there, if we get passed tomorrow it will go to the Senate and then go immediately to the governor’s desk... This process can move fast or slow. Someone can hold it up with a motion or make some amendments to hold it up from our side or the Senate side. The governor he admitted and tweeted that he was going to sign it if we got something to his desk, so hopefully, he still true to his word on that.”

Once the governor signs the bill into law, the old flag with the Confederate emblem that has been part of the state for more than a century would be abandoned immediately.

Crudup says a commission will then be created with a goal of coming up with a new design for the flag by September 14th.

They will consult with experts and community members to help in this process.

“The commission will be 9 members. Three from Lieutenant Governor, Governor and Speaker of the House. I think the only two stipulations is that it cannot have the Confederate battle emblem on it, but it has to have ‘In God We Trust.‘”

Once the commission chooses a new design, it will go ballot for the November 3rd elections for voters to decide.

“If the people don’t choose that flag, we have to do all it over again.”

The House and Senate will reconvene Sunday afternoon.

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