Gulfport music teacher recovering from COVID-19 shares her experience

A music teacher at a Gulfport grade school is recovering from the coronavirus after receiving a positive diagnosis ten days ago.

Gulfport music teacher recovers from coronavirus

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Diane Rush said she followed the CDC guidelines to try to protect herself from contracting the Coronavirus.

“We’ve been mask wearers going out in any store, have taken— you know, the reopening we might have gone to a restaurant or two but have taken it very slowly and sat apart from other people. We sanitize everything that comes in our house, so it had to be just one of those chance things,” she said.

However, despite her efforts, Rush still fell ill. She started feeling symptoms in early June and got her positive results officially on June 11th, 2020. Rush said she felt run down, with a persistent low-grade fever.

“Sluggish is a good word. You do feel tired, run-down— perhaps, a little achy that goes with the fever. The fever has been low grade the whole time, but very hard to kick,” she said.

Rush said she wants people to take the virus seriously.

“If it takes wearing a mask in a public place, wear it in that public place. And then, have your known friends and family who you’re around all the time and you don’t have to, be sensible. Just be sensible.”

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