Army veteran says state flag is not about heritage of hate

Army veteran says state flag is not about heritage of hate

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The state flag is proudly displayed on Larry Roberts’ truck. He says those who may be offended have it wrong.

”If you know the truth of it. It’s a Christian Flag. The red stands for Christ blood. The white stands for purity of Christ. The blue x’s are for St. Andrews who was a disciple of Christ. Those stars stand for the 13 states. It’s not about slavery.”

Kenny Daughdrill said, “I’m not a racist. We’re not going to stand for this flag to be took down. I’m not here to call no race card just here to say how it is.”

The Army veteran and his cousin are sounding off after seeing so many groups call for state leaders to choose a new flag.

“During our turmoil history in this state, it was used in racist acts, but that’s not what this flag is about. It represents Southern heritage.”

What do you say to those who think you are holding on to a heritage of hate?

“This is not about hate. It’s about keeping something alive. If you don’t keep your history alive, how do you know how to move forward and not repeat it,” said Roberts.

“We can’t help what happened in the early 70′s, 60′s and on down. It’s not out fault. This is something that’s built up on heritage of Southern states. We’re the only state that still flies this flag.”

What does that says about the state?

“It’s the only state that’s trying to hang on to Southern heritage,” said Daughdrill.

If the flag is changed, they say it should be done by a vote of the people and not state lawmakers.

“This flag was voted on in 2001, and it was overwhelmingly decided to keep it,” said Roberts.

The men say after seeing the confederate symbol removed and banned from public spaces and chain stores. It’s up to them to keep it alive.

“I’ll support it until the day I die,” said Roberts.

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