Unity March in Ocean Springs takes stand against racial injustice, state flag

Unity March in Ocean Springs takes stand against racial injustice, state flag

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - People gathered in downtown Ocean Springs Thursday evening, marching against racial inequality and taking a stand against against injustices happening in the country.

Well over 100 people marched down Government Street in a symbolic show of support.

”Any injustice in general, I feel like you should stand up for,” said Anna Webb. “And that’s what really made me come out here, for our black brothers and sisters to stand up with them, hear them and be a voice for them.”

It was an event that made many recent Ocean Springs High graduates smile.

”It was amazing actually,” said Riah Stevenson. “I graduated here in Ocean Springs so it’s been really cool to see a lot of my friends that I went to high school come out and support. And then a lot of people that I haven’t met yet come out from all different races, creeds, and ages. It’s really amazing. I didn’t expect it to be this big today but I’m really glad it surprised me

”It’s imperative that we go and try to understand as much as we can so that empathize,” said Becca Pittman. “We may not experience the same things they have but it doesn’t mean we can’t care."

But it wasn’t just the younger generation taking part in the march.

”I think it was very uplifting. I think we are at a crucial moment right now in the country,” said Yassay Masango. “We are in Mississippi for crying out loud. So to see the change that is happening where we have people of many ethnicities and cultures fighting for the same cause, racial equality, is great.”

Rachel Dangermond is organizing a similar event at the 100 Men Hall in Hancock County and is glad to see the entire coast stepping up.

”I’m really excited to see the whole Mississippi coast all having separate events and continuing to keep the pressure on,” said Dangermond.

Event organizers also stressed the importance of offering actual ideas or opportunities for bettering oneself. After the march concluded, resources and contacts were shared so the conversations can continue long after the march is over.

“We can talk about the problem all day long but until we offer solutions people aren’t really willing to engage,” said Elizabeth Feder-Hosey. “I wanted to make sure people had some solutions so they could troubleshoot this on their own so that when they left they could figure out how to prep in their life.”

More marches are scheduled across South Mississippi this weekend.

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