House Call with Garrett Greene

'House Call' with Garrett Greene

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Like the rest of us, Garrett Greene is ready for baseball to return.

“I’d never thought that there would be a situation where we would not be playing baseball every single day,” Greene told WLOX.

As the Biloxi Shuckers media relations manager and broadcaster, Greene and his staff have had to get creative with the season on hold.

“I’m still very involved with our social media, which is a big piece of what we do. We’ve been doing rewinds, so we’ve been watching back through classic Shuckers games and that’s been a lot of fun to do,” Greene said.

“It keeps you engaged in baseball, it keeps you there and it’s an opportunity for people to interact with us.”

Although he’s not in the booth calling games, Garrett understands the importance of repetition as he builds chemistry on air with his assistant, Joe Traub.

“When baseball comes back, we’re ready to go. When you’re calling a nine-inning game, that’s three hours of straight talking,” Greene said. “That’s not something that anybody can do. Like athletes, it takes conditioning, your voice has to be in good shape, you have to be ready to do that.”

For Joe, his first year on the coast hasn’t played out as he expected but is taking the experience for what it’s worth.

“It’s been great getting to work with Garrett and getting to work on all these projects like mock games and Walk-Off Weekends and social media stuff to really keep the fans engaged,” Traub told WLOX.

“That’s been a lot of fun with him and just with the great staff I’ve had the pleasure to work with this season. I really think it’s been what you make it and I’ve tried to make it the best thing possible.”

Despite the changes to his job, Garrett has enjoyed working from home, giving him more time to spend with his wife and puppy, Samwise.

“Obviously, we want baseball to be back. It’s been great to just be at home and get to spend a lot of time with her, especially after we were apart for five years,” Greene said. “To be here with the dog and with her it’s been a blessing in disguise.”

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