Long Beach pastors host prayer vigil to stop racism and spread unity

Long Beach pastors host prayer vigil to stop racism and spread unity

LONG BEACH, Miss. (WLOX) - George Floyd’s death sparked many communities to pull together to fight for equality and change. Across the country, people are standing as one in efforts to put a stop to racism and discrimination.

Long Beach pastors hosted a prayer vigil at the town green to spread love and equality in the midst of a hatred war. More than 50 people of different races joined with the same goal in mind.

“I want for my kids to be in a place where everybody may not look like them, but they know that they can be friends with everybody, and they can love everybody. I hope in this season that we’re in that it’s a good step change,” said Emily Barlow.

One step at a time toward change, pastors of eight different churches passed along the microphone voicing prayers that all nations live in peace and unity.

“If we go to another country they say you’re an American. They don’t say you’re an African American or an Italian American, you’re American. That’s what my passport says, I was born here. My grandmother was born here, my mom was born here. So don’t put me in a box separate from the box that you’re in,” said a member of the Biemney family attending the prayer.

Hearts cried out throughout the crowd and many heads bowed, as people practiced their faith to overcome. Bienmey hopes as we ride the road to recovery, elected officials hear the people.

“Hopefully, little by little, from a city standpoint to a state to a federal. They got to listen to us at some point they got to change the laws, it’s been happening too long. We are all people,” Biemney said.

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