Pass Christian welcomes most furloughed workers back to work

Pass Christian welcomes most furloughed workers back to work

PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - Six out of eight furloughed workers are back to work in Pass Christian after being let go due to COVID-19.

To keep everyone safe, Mayor Chipper McDermott has not yet welcomed back senior citizens employees.

While businesses were shut down, McDermott said money in the city is pretty good.

“This is one time probably fortunate not to have a casino. So we didn’t have one of them, and that didn’t take anything away from us. We do have Walmart and they did well. When it’s said and done, hopefully, probably be where we were to begin with,” McDermott said.

Work is going into the parks and recreation that all are open again. Basketball rims were put back up on Wednesday, and maintenance took place at the splash pad near War Memorial Park.

“The board of alderman voted last night to open up the two basketball courts that we have and the splash pad," McDermott said. "We had taken the goal post down to keep having too many at the time now they’re putting them back up today.”

With hurricane season here and a storm already threatening the Coast, McDermott said city workers are focused on preparation.

“They’re doing a lot ditching and everything. We got a disturbance out there now so they’re doing their normal routine, grass cutting and keeping the fields and the parks open. There’s a lot of houses being built out here so there’s a lot of work to be done in the infrastructure area part,” McDermott said.

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