Dedeaux Rd. project at standstill, causing frustration among residents

Dedeaux Rd. project at standstill, causing frustration among residents

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) -Thousands of people travel along Dedeaux Road each day, and affected residents are frustrated with the traffic and the standstill of the road’s widening project.

Last year, phase one of widening Dedeaux Road finished up. But now, future phases are at a standstill because there’s no money left after funds were used for other projects in the city of Gulfport.

"It needs to be a priority of the city, instead of being pushed for little projects that help businesses but do not necessarily directly impact residents that live and vote in the city of Gulfport,” said Councilman R. Lee Flowers.

About $1 million was pulled from this project to fund other projects underway— one being the Seaway Road sidewalk.

“So currently, there is no money to do phase two. There’s actually an effort ongoing right now to seek more funding through a built grant,” said Flowers.

Carl W. Foster and his wife have lived on Dedeaux Road for 47 years. They said getting in and out of their driveway was quite a headache throughout some of those years.

Foster said for a while, he even put rocks through his yard as another entrance.

“On a normal working day, I don’t know how many cars come up and down this road. And sometimes, it takes five, ten, fifteen minutes to get out on Dedeaux road,” said Foster.

To complete the Dedeaux Road project, it’s estimated to cost $20 million and that includes the city buying homes. “We are going to acquire that home. We are going to buy that home, such that we’re not widening a home that would have the easement ending near the front door of that home for safety reasons,” said Flowers.

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