100 Women DBA hosts listening booths in a step toward community healing

Updated: May. 30, 2020 at 8:22 PM CDT
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BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WLOX) - In response to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, an organization in South Mississippi is motivated to help with healing the hearts that are crying out.

Recent killings of African Americans have motivated many people to stand up for change. The 100 Women DBA hosted a listening booth Saturday at the 100 Men Hall so voices can be heard.

With the mission of equality and change, director Rachel Dangermond said the listening booths are a way to come together and share the stories built up inside.

“A lot of these killings that have been happening are causing everybody to have a lot of rage and sadness, just hopelessness, and this is about being heard so you’re not carrying that in your heart and your spirit because it’s too much,” Dangermond said.

Six booths were set up across the lawn with two people at each table. Practicing social distancing, one person was all ears at one end of the table and one expressed their feelings at the opposite end. In efforts to address the sadness and fear from reoccurring killings, Dangermond said this is a way to open up and come together.

Warren Howard poured his heart out after 25 years of work was ripped away from him.

“I got a patent on it; it’s a seat belt device where your radio won’t come on until you fasten your seat belt," he said. “I filed a lawsuit in 2017 and they ask the judge to throw my case out and I’m seeking justice.”

Health coach and wellness consultant Danielle Burrell described the listening booth as an opportunity for healing for those who aren’t on the front lines protesting.

“What slavery has done across the African diaspora moving us around the world, this isn’t new. This America isn’t new. This experience isn’t new. Some people are having a different awakening to it because maybe they didn’t have to see it before,” Burrell said.

Dangermond said she is tired of the reoccurring devaluing of black people, and hopefully, this will be a step toward change.

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