State Economist: Miss. entering ‘sharp, painful recession’

State Economist: Miss. entering ‘sharp, painful recession’
Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves (Source: WLBT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves gave his daily briefing on COVID-19 again Tuesday. He took Monday off due to the Memorial Day holiday.

One week ago, the governor set a goal of testing every patient of a Mississippi nursing home for COVID-19 in a period of two weeks.

That means testing 17,500 patients and 10,000 employees state-wide. Right now they are a little over half-way done with this task.

Gov. Reeves also revealed that the state economist, Dr. Darrin Webb, gave a presentation Tuesday morning to the members of the Mississippi senate.

In the presentation, Webb said that Mississippi is entering a ‘sharp, painful recession’ as a result of this virus. He also said that the recovery will not be instant.

Gov. Reeves said Webb expects a short recession and a long recovery ahead because the damage is ‘very deep.’

“Politicians do not like to admit when they don’t know things,” Reeves said. “But I’ll admit that in this pandemic, I do not have all of the answers.”

Reeves said he does not know what the summer has in store regarding the virus, nor what the fall season will look like.

“All of us have to have the humility to admit that we don’t know exactly what the future holds,” Reeves said.

The governor explained that we do not only have a health crisis on our hands, but an economic crisis unfolding as well.

“We have to work to stay safe, we have to work to keep fighting... and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in the great state of Mississippi," Reeves said.

As of May 26, more than 13,000 people in the state have tested positive for the virus, with more than 650 dead. More than 9,000 have recovered.

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