Beachside hotels see business pick up over Memorial Day weekend

Beachside hotels see business pick up over Memorial Day weekend

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Memorial Day weekend brought a crowd to the Gulf Coast with hotels along Highway 90 seeing an increase in business over Memorial Day weekend.

Angel Hoops is a hotel manager for the Quality Inn in Biloxi, and she said they’ve had several walk-ins— thanks to the beach in their front yard. In fact, she said she sold out of all 148 rooms in one day.

One main reason for this was the itch to leave the house. Vistors like Melissa Credeur said she was eager to get away, which lead her to the Coast.

“We’ve been stuck in the house since school let out. I’m a schoolteacher, so I just kind of wanted to get away for the weekend. And Pensacola was off-limits to Louisianians, so we came here,” said Melissa Credeur.

In response to COVID-19, hotels are making sure their guests are safe. In the lobby, social distancing is enforced at the Quality Inn, and employees are wearing masks.

“We have placements on the floor for them to stay six feet away," said Hoops. "We still have our lobby dining room area open with social distancing.”

In the dining area, only two people are allowed a table and every other table is available. The hotel also decided to continue breakfast, but it’s limited to an individually wrapped pastry.

“There are signs posted. If they have a fever, they can’t enter the building. And of course, if someone is coughing, we ask them to leave just because we don’t want other guests to come in with COVID-19,” said Hoops.

Travelers said they are happy they had fun on the beach while also staying safe.

“We love to travel so we’re definitely looking for this to open more so we can expand,” said Credeur.

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