Feel Good Friday: Dolphins put on show for cruise travelers

Feel Good Friday: Dolphins put on show for cruise visitors

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - With a sound of the horn, the ship was off. And eyes were peeled because dolphins put on quite the display.

“It has been wonderful. I love to be outside. We are new to the coast so this was an awesome opportunity to come be outdoors and see some of the dolphins out here today," said ”Coast resident Cristina Hrisafi.

Ship Island Excursions began offering dolphin cruises to stay busy while Ship Island remains shut down. And whether it was ringing the bell or taking in the views, everyone had a favorite part.

“Whenever they jumped off the side of the boat and we could see them close up. I mean I do live on the coast but it is nice to see them in person,”said another Coast resident, Kaiya Estroso.

Rylan Myers couldn’t even pick out her favorite part of the cruise.

“Actually, kind of a lot of stuff. Well I have never been on a cruise before, so that has been pretty awesome. And I have always wanted to see dolphins,” said Myers.

Giving kids a memory they can cherish has been a big motivator for Captain Louis Skrmetta.

“It is one of the best things about this business," said Skrmetta. "The children that ride this boat and see dolphins in the wild for the first time.”

And it’s not like they only saw one or two.

“Yeah, we did see a lot and it was a really good experience,” said Estroso.

Actually a group of dolphins is called a pod! And a few of them were spotted in the water.

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