Health experts say it is important to keep up healthy habits during pandemic

Updated: Apr. 13, 2020 at 6:12 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - During these days of self isolation, some may find themselves making more trips to the fridge than necessary.

Some health experts say it's important to fight those urges, and say it's important to stay healthy during this time.

As more people make their own food while restaurants are closed, living under quarantine could be healthier for some.

"Depending on what they're buying, and preparing at home, it can be healthier. I mean, they definitely can have more control over what they're eating and more importantly, what is added into it," Dr. Henry Nuss, with LSU Health New Orleans Nutritional Science said.

However, it may be more tempting to overeat while at home.

"Just don't bring the unhealthy foods into the house. If they're not there, you're not going to eat them," Nuss said.

He says there are some ways to fight unhealthy snacking, while still satisfying cravings.

"An apple with a little chunk of cheddar cheese is very very good when eating those two things together, versus potato chips, something that's salty, empty calories," Nuss said.

Not only is eating healthy important, but also staying active.

"Create yourself a routine that you do either every day or every other day. Switch up your work outs," Vivian Haik, Premier Fitness Group Fitness Director said.

Some fitness coaches are even offering fun work outs online.

"Befriend some of your instructors that you're familiar with at your gym or others. You can ask around, and most of those instructors are either doing Facebook streaming or Zoom," Haik said.

While frequent trips to the store are not advised, nurtirionists say certain foods can be healthy with a long shelf life.

"Using canned beans is that you can rinse them off and wash away a lot of the sodium that they usually pack those foods with. Frozen foods like fruit are perfectly fine. They retain the vast majority of their nutritional value," Nuss said.

There may be an urge to pig out when bored at home, but health experts say it's more important than ever to eat a variety of healthy foods while avoiding sodium, fats and processed foods.

"What we do know about the coronavirus is that it was mostly lethal among individuals with predisposed health conditions, so hypertension and diabetes. So you definitely want to keep those two things in check during this time just in case," Nuss said.

Haik says most online work out classes are free and all accessible.

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