Biloxi Fire Department is down 22 firefighters due to novel coronavirus

LIVE REPORT: 21 Biloxi firefighters are fighting COVID-19-like symptoms

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - According to the city’s website, Biloxi has around 150 firemen, and currently, 22 are in quarantine.

Nine of the workers tested positive for the novel coronavirus, while another nine experienced COVID-19 symptoms but tested negative for the virus. The last four remaining are still waiting for their results.

With these firefighters at home, that means over ten percent of the Biloxi Fire Department’s team is in quarantine.

In late March, Biloxi Fire Chief Jon Boney said that he feared the worst is yet to come, so his team was taking extra precautions to plan ahead.

He talked of plans to modify staffing schedules and taking a couple of units of service.

This is a developing story. As more details come in, the story will be updated accordingly.

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