Equipment disinfectant sprayer gives OSFD peace of mind

Equipment disinfectant sprayer gives OSFD peace of mind

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) -They say great minds think alike. In this case, a couple of like-minded leaders at the Ocean Springs Fire Department (OSFD) both saw a chance to add another safety element to their routine.

Late Last week, OSFD Lieutenant Shawn Lopes and chief Derrick McCoy both saw this idea come to life at the Tulsa Fire Department, and by the weekend, they had three of these disinfectant spray devices up and running.

“We utilized one of our older air packs that are not in use and re-purposed them, and lieutenant Lopes took all the parts that we purchased and put them all together.

"The guys are able to refill the bottles that supply the air,” said Chief Derrick McCoy. “We got everything we needed to build these little sprayers from Harbor Freight for a total cost of about $175. We bought and put together three of them for each of our stations, and they’re working well.”

Lopes said it gives the staff peace of mind when they head out on the job.

“Right now, with the manpower that we have, we have to look out for each other because, at the end of the day if we don’t have that manpower, this fire station’s not running,” Lopes said.

Chief McCoy said it only took about $175 to get the sprayers built.

“It’s really hard to get gloves, masks and stuff, so we’re really having to look at everything we do have and try to improve it to make it work for us,” he added.

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