More cases of COVID-19 results in essential businesses limiting customers inside

More cases of COVID-19 results in essential businesses limiting customers inside

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - People are lining up at storefronts waiting to enter due to more safety precautions put in place.

Businesses have enforced more rules as the coronavirus spreads. At a Neighborhood Walmart there’s a sign at the entrance alerting customers only 60 shoppers in at a time. Many shoppers agree with the extra precautions.

“Taking the safety distance away from each other. I don’t allow people over my house. They come over and get too close and I tell them, you know, we’re trying to stay alone so we don’t spread the crap,” said Thomas Force.

Outside of stores, customers line up and wait patiently to enter, as one shopper leaves another may enter. Residents across the Coast are trying to adjust to this new normal.

“Well, it just makes me sad that things are not normal like they use to be. We understand that everyone has to be careful and the help of the community is the most important. It’s just sometimes harder to adjust to a routine that’s not usual,” said shopper Kathleen. She also shared that before, we took it for granted simply entering stores with no limitations.

Essential businesses like Sprint have limited services and interaction inside the store. Workers encourage customers to wait in their cars or outside the store then someone will come out to assist them.

“They can come visit our service here. Technicians, we leave it to them if to whether they can fix it or not," said manager Andrew Crumlin. "So if it’s basically to the point where they cannot use it at all then we are encouraging them to come in because we want everybody to have a device to use during this time. ”

People wonder if CBD shops are considered essential. Hemp Boutique remains open until told otherwise, but are taking safety precautions just like other businesses, like taking customers by appointment only.

“We feel that CBD is essential to every person out there because of certain things that CBD does for the body by boosting the immune system, helping out with anxiety, helping out with pain, helping out with inflammation, ” said the owner Tommy Guillory.

Most shoppers believe this is a time where the community should truly lean on one another.

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