Kickboxing and MMA gym adapting to online classes

Kickboxing and MMA gym adapting to online classes

ST. MARTIN, Miss. (WLOX) - For Monica Medina, a normal day at PhenomA-FIT Fitness is typically action-packed from sunrise through sunset with people of all ages.

“I pretty much live here during the week in a non-COVID-19 world," owner and head fitness instructor Monica Medina said. "I get here at about 7:30, sometimes 8:30 in the morning, and my first class is at 9. I have kids come in around 4, the kids classes start at 5, adult classes start at 6, and then we roll until about 9, sometimes 10 p.m.”

With the current restrictions on group gatherings, in-person classes can’t happen. That doesn’t mean that business has to stop. As a result of social restrictions, PhenomA-FIT has taken their classes online.

“I am coming in the gym and doing some Zoom videos," Medina said. "It’s really different; I miss my students. I miss yelling at them in their face, pushing them around a little bit, but now I come in and film a class, that takes about an hour.”

Despite the ever-changing landscape of life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at PhenomA-FIT was prepared to take action long before they had to.

“We started thinking about it as soon as all this happened," Medina said. "We knew they were gonna shut us down, so we had to figure out something. It was in our head to do online stuff, and then probably at least a week or so before they shut it down, I had already shut this down and was like, let’s go.”

It started with videos in the backyard, and eventually shifted to online classes live from the gym. Through it all, Medina’s students have remained all-in.

“I have the best - I’ll say it again - the best students ever here," Medina said. "For the most part, everybody is super supportive and they’ve all jumped online, grabbed some equipment, and are like let’s go, let’s keep doing this. Nothing is gonna change.”

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